Exotic Dance (stiletto) Boot Camp!

This is an inspiring, motivating, and seductive way to get into shape. 6 weeks of powerful sensual workouts that will leave your body tingling and your soul smiling. Each class is designed to target every major muscle group with exotic dance moves. You will gently be pushed past your comfort zone.

Offering repetition of the dance moves and transitions, you will fully integrate each move into guided and free dance sequence. Each class is complete with lessons in grace and sensuality that will enhance your dance experience.


PasoFino Dance Studio 8610 Roswell Rd. Sandy Springs GA 30350
  • July 29th – Aug 19th and Sept 2nd -9th

Fee: $85 in advance, $95 same day registration
How to Register: www.PasoFinoDance.com or 770.518.7276

1. Wear comfortable workout clothes

2. Bring (optional) High Heels

3. Bring Water

4. Ladies Only

5. Willingness to let go and play

Contact Us:

http://www.aerobicsdelivered.com or our hotline: 1 877 MY ROBIX

Here is the registration link:


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