My weight loss progression and the supplements that helped to get me there!!

                     May 7th 2011 weighing 182 wearing a 42 DD bra

1993 Prom weighing 170 wearing a 42 DD

             Same dress 18 years later. Lots of room in the dress

      This is the dress that I wore to graduate SEVENTH GRADE in 1988!

    September 2011-    This is a size 4 dress! I had to take this pic in the dressing room!

                                                      Another size 4 dress!

I have battled sugar addiction as long as I have had teeth! How I don’t have diabetes and tooth decay is still a mystery to me. In spite of teaching an average of 25+ group fitness and dance classes for the last 10 years, I remained aprx 30 lbs overweight. I am the walking poster child that proves that you can’t out train a bad diet! I have tried sooooo many things to try to overcome my cravings.

I have a massive Pillsbury Doughboy collection ( the above pic reflects that!)  as a result of saving multiple proofs of purchases from cookie dough, cake mix, icing, and other Pillsbury products.

That was then, this is now. Since discovering Arbonne Essentials in May, I have dropped from 182 to 155 lbs! For the 1st time in my adult life, I am in a single D cup bra! I have worn as much as a 44 DDD!

There is nothing “magical” about the supplements. We eat junk and sugar because we crave it. If we can stop craving, it we will stop eating it. When we stop eating, it will stop making us fat and sick .Arbonne Essentials has a complete line of all natural health and wellness supplements that will bring the body back to an alkaline state, suppress the appetite, curb cravings, aid in digestion, boost the metabolism, and much more!

Finally, I can skip dessert! I can meet someone in a coffee or doughnut shop and not order anything. I have actually lost the desire for sugar. I NEVER thought I would say that. Four months of living without sugar and bread took more weight off of me than ten years of teaching 25-30 fitness classes a week!

My next stop is fitness modeling! I can do it now that I can follow a strict diet without feeling like I am going to lose my mind!I can help you get and stay on track! If the products can help me, they can help anyone!

To book your FREE weight loss and wellness consultation, contact me @ OR call 404 380-8360.

NOW is the time to get cravings under control BEFORE the Holidays are upon us! We can easily gain 10- 15 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve!



LaWanda “The Fitness Diva” Brokenborough

23 Responses to “My weight loss progression and the supplements that helped to get me there!!”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    WOW… You look fantastic!

  2. Sherry D. Henderson Says:

    Lawanda, I love your story, and I’m so happy for your accomplishments. You have a beautiful spirit,and I’m so pleased to have made your acquiantance. I look forward to having the weight loss success you’ve already achieved. Go Team Lawanda!

  3. Tina Says:

    Yes I am glad you put that FB because it is motivating, I just turn 40 and I want to start some where so its nice see it can work.

    • lawandathefitnessdiva Says:

      Hi Tina,

      Thanks for checking in! If you don’t know where to start, simply commit to walking for 30 minutes 4 times a week. The Arbonne supplements REALLY helped because they killed my cravings. Once I stopped craving sugar and carbs, I stopped eating them and the weight fell off super quick.I weighed 180 something in June and 155 in September! If you would like to know more about the products, simply reply here or email me @:

  4. lapamela Says:

    Hello I’m very interested in the supplement I’m in northern ca. Where can I purchase the products?

  5. Christie Says:

    Hi Lawanda! I am also interested in learning which Arbonne products you used. I am walking and doing Weight Watchers. I know this is great…but I NEED to cut these sugar cravings too!!!

  6. lori j Says:

    hi lawanda im interested in learning more about the products.

  7. Tasha Randle Says:

    I have been trying to lose wieght for a while I currently live in Dallas TX do u have any advice for me?

    • lawandathefitnessdiva Says:

      Hi Tasha,

      You must make a permanent change of your eating habits to get permanent results. Try walking for 30 minutes 4 times a week and cut out all processed foods. Eat only lean chicken,fish, veggies, fruits, and stay within the portion size. Remember, if man made it,don’t eat it.

      • Tasha Randle Says:

        Thank you Lawanda how can I also learn more about your supplements sugar is another one of my weaknesses.

  8. Lueverne Montez Says:

    I would like to know the products as well. I struggle with the sugar cravings too and it makes it difficult at times for me.

  9. Bridgette Says:

    I want to learn more about the product as well. I struggle with sugar craving and snacking.. I want to tone to get rid of theses batwings and more toned thighs… Please help

  10. Satina Says:

    I am addicted to sugar, I would love to know how to break this addiction. Please send me an email

  11. Katherine Says:

    I would love to know more about this product. I want to tone up and lose a Lil weight. Its just so hard for me to get motivated to exercise. I want to, but don’t seem to follow through. Any suggestions?

  12. Celeste Johnson Says:

    Hi, I’m interested in this product. After reading your story it sounds like me… Looking forward to hearing from you.

  13. EvaLynn H Green Says:

    I love your story. I too need something to help with my sugar craving and something to increase my energy!

  14. Amber Caldwell Says:

    I am very very interested in these supplements i have been working on my weight for 2 years now and its been a ccrazy rollercoaster ride for me i dropped about 40 pounds with help of Rx meds but when that stopped the weight came back. so i tried and am trying to just eat better alot of fish alot of veggies and fruit and i work out four an hour at least 4 times a week but its such a slow process and killin my motivation like i perform…music rap but since i gained my weight back i just dont have the confidence to do any of it so im doin my best to get back…puleeese help! where can i get the supplements?

  15. vine tattoos on your stomach Says:

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Many thanks!

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