My 30 day juice and protein shake reboot!

Lots of people have been asking about the 30 day juice, tea, and protein shake reboot that I am doing. So, here is the scoop:

  I am doing it for a couple of reasons: weight loss, cleansing, and dietary discipline being the main reasons. By only consuming these things, I eliminate all animal products( my protein shakes by Arbonne Essentials are vegan), gluten, and processed foods. I decided to keep protein shakes in my diet because building and maintaining muscle is VERY important to me. I will drink green tea for energy. I will also continue to take the Arbonne essentials Energy Fizz tabs ( for appetite suppression and energy), multi vitamins, Herbal detox tea, and daily fiber boost ( to help me feel fuller longer). Many people say that juicing is unhealthy. It is not. Starvation is unhealthy. Missing out on nutrients is unhealthy. I will not be missing out on any nutrients by doing this. I will actually be doing my body a great service by eliminating man made and acidic foods. I anticipate losing at least 15-20 lbs by July 7th! I will be posting progress pics along the way. I strongly encourage others to give this a shot- even if you do it for just 10 days.

 I suggest using kale, spinach, carrots,and bok choy for your veggies because they don’t have a strong taste. Berries,apples,pears,and melons are fruits with lower amounts of sugar. Avocados are great because they contain good fats. I add stevia to make the smoothies and juice sweeter. I will be sharing various recipes as well.
 I highly recommend using the Arbonne Essentials because they REALLY,REALLY help with appetite suppression and the curbing of sugar cravings. That is what helped me drop 37 lbs last summer! For more info, go to: OR email me @

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