Top 25 things that you should not do in a group fitness class!

I have been teaching an average of 25-32 group fitness and dance classes since 2001. With that stated, I have seen my share of not-so-good behavior from adults. There is something about the environment of a group fitness class that sometimes bring up crazy emotions in us. Often times, class participants are nervous, self conscious, uncomfortable, excited, you name it.
After reading a blog about what not to do in the weight room, I decided to share my Top Group Fitness “Donts”! Feel free to share – especially with anyone that you know that has been guilty of some of these! Here goes:

1. Don’t come to class with a bad attitude! – You can and will block your success by doing so. If you think you can’t do something, you are giving yourself permission to prove yourself right.

2. Don’t come to class late. -It is unsafe to miss the warmup and stretch portion of a class. The risk of injury is raised drastically by doing so. You also may miss out on important instructions that are given out during the intro.

3. Don’t wear clothes that cause wardrobe malfunctions – If you know your pants don’t stay up, don’t wear them to a class where you will be moving a lot. The same applies to bad bras.

4. Don’t stand in front of or under the speakers and complain that the music is too loud.- Find another place in the class.

5. Don’t stand in front of or under a fan and complain that the temperature is too cold. – See the solution above.

6. Don’t get in the back of the class and complain that you can’t see or hear the instructor. – See the solution above.

7. Don’t think that you have a ‘spot’ in the class. -Most people have a place that they prefer being in. However, if someone else gets it first, it is not your spot.

8. Don’t bring your ( non participating) kids to class ( unless you know that they can be 100% quiet and still if they are placed in a safe spot to the side or back AND the facility authorizes it.) – To do otherwise is inconsiderate to other participants and the instructor.

9. Turn off your phone in a quiet class like yoga or pilates. Don’t talk on your phone. – Need I say more?

10. Don’t come to yoga or pilates on a full stomach. – Can you say ‘puke’?

11. Don’t skip the cool down portion of the class. – This is equally important as the warmup portion.

12. Don’t disrespect your instructor by doing your own thing. Group fitness is just that- group fitness. If you don’t like what the instructor is doing, work out on your own outside of the class. Please Note: I am not talking about modifications for the sake of safety or limitations.

13. Don’t bring your negative ‘friends’ to class with you. – This is like going clubbing with the unattractive woman that wants to leave early because all of the men are ignoring her. They will try to sabotage you. They will heckle you and try to get you to leave. If only I had a dollar for every time I have seen this scenario played out…….

14. Don’t come to class and try not to sweat- If you are trying to preserve your hair or makeup, today is not a good day for you to take group fitness- especially from me because I show no mercy! LOL!

15. Don’t expect to be a master the first (or second) time you take a class. My first step class was a total disaster! However, I was teaching step aprx six weeks later. Keep coming and it will become easier.

16. Don’t talk during class if it causes disruption or distraction- especially in a yoga class. – Need I say more?

17. Don’t take a class being unwilling to step out of your comfort zone. – This is a major no-no with The Fitness Diva! Nothing is worse than seeing a woman pick up 3 lb weights in a class but she walks out with a 10 lb Coach bag. The greatest benefits are reaped when we go that extra mile. We never become stronger if we are not willing to be u comfortable. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. If we are willing to withstand a little bit discomfort today,it can spare us a lot of discomfort tomorrow………

18. Don’t come to class with an unchecked ego. – This is group fitness- not a competition. I have seen people injure themselves by trying to outdo someone else in the class. Men can be especially guilty of this when the instructor is a woman. Sorry guys! I gotta put you on blast for this one ! šŸ™‚

19. Don’t stereotype the class, instructor,or the participants. – At 216 lbs, I was kicking butt ( I was heavy because of my sugar addiction. That had nothing to do with my stamina.) My Zumba class that follows me the best and goes the hardest is 90 % Caucasian ( So much for the ” They” can’t dance myth). My strongest student in one of my yoga and pilates classes is an 82 year old woman. ( She can hold a plank for over 2 minutes). I see myths debunked everyday. That is why I don’t except excuses.

20. Don’t make excuses. – Excuses are the nails that are used to build a house of failure. Please see Don’ts 1 and 19……

21.Don’t expect a class to be ‘watered down’ to accommodate the minority of the class. While a good instructor offers modifications, majority rules.

22. Don’t think that people are watching you. – They are probably watching the instructor and so should you! Relax and put that energy into your workout.

23. Don’t ignore safety cues from the instructor. – Need I say more?

24. Don’t come to class when you have a cold. – Need I say more?

25. Don’t quit- If you are not willing to fight for health and longevity, what will you fight for? Before you quit a class, ask yourself if you have exhausted all of your energy or are you quitting because you are simply not willing to push any further in order to complete the class.

I could go on, but those are my top 25. If you would like to check out one of my classes in the Metro Atlanta area, go to: You can also stay plugged in to my Facebook fitness page: LaWanda The Fitness Diva. You can get a sample of my Zumba classes on You Tube. Simply type in ” Aerobics Delivered or LaWanda The Fitness Diva. Gotta run! I have a class to teach! šŸ™‚

Warmest regards,

LaWanda ” The Fitness Diva”


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