The breakdown of the Arbonne Essentials that I use to curb sugar cravings and drop 35 lbs and 4 sizes in 4 months!


Listed below, are the products that I use by Arbonne Essentials:

1.  Vegan protein shakes ( chocolate or vanilla) as a meal replacement. I always have one for breakfast.

2. Fiber boost. This helps to keep me regular and feel fuller longer.It also helps to lower cholesterol levels. It is 100 percent tasteless and disolves in anything. I add one scoop to my protein shake.

3. Seven day body cleanse . This helped to jump start my diet. It assists in the gentle elimination of toxins. It is a gentle laxative. This was actually the 1st product that I tried. I noticed a reduction in my sweet cravings as well as a flatter stomach within 5 days. Use no more than once a month.

4.Digestion Plus. This is a patented probiotic. This helps with digestion. It helps to eliminate gas and bloating. It helps to break down stubborn food that sticks to the walls of our colon. I also add this to my protein shake.

5.Metabolism booster (AKA Heaven in a bottle!) This is an awesome product! It does so much: Curbs cravings lowers blood sugar lowers blood pressure boosts metabolism boosts immune system increases energy. I take 3 a day.

6. Energy Fizz Sticks – this dissolves into a 13 calorie beverage that is sweetened with stevia ( a natural herb). It has green tea, chromium, and vitamin B-12. This is also an awesome appetite suppresant.

7.Liver detox tea- A natural diuretic that detoxifies the liver- the body’s primary fat burning organ.

I also take the daily power pack which is the multi vitamin. To order, go to You will find the health products under the health and wellness section. If you have any questions feel free to contact me @

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