Vegan Chocolate Cherry Blender Ice Cream

Vegan Chocolate Cherry Blender Ice Cream

Serves 1-2


1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, or other non dairy milk
1 tbsp cocoa or cacao powder
1 large frozen banana (make sure it’s very ripe before freezing, this makes your ice-cream naturally sweet)
1 cup frozen pitted cherries (often found at the grocery store or Costco)


1. Place ingredients into blender or Vita-Mix in order listed. (If using a regular low powered blender make sure to let the frozen bananas sit for 2-3 minutes on the counter to partially defrost. Then slice them into small chunks so they become easier to blend. Also cut the cherries in half.)

2. Blend the ingredients on medium low to medium speed. If using a Vita-Mix use the tamper to plunge the frozen fruit down into the blades until well combined (30-60 seconds). If using a regular blender or food processor stop the blender periodically to stir as needed. Blend until smooth and cocoa is evenly distributed.

3. Serve immediately. Blender ice-cream is best eaten fresh, but can be frozen if needed.

Raw vegan banana cashew ice cream …

2 cups raw cashews soaked for 2 hours
1 cup filtered water
3 large really ripe organic bananas
1/4 cup coconut sugar or maple syrup
1 Tbsp natural vanilla extract
pinch of sea salt

Put everything in the blender and keep tweaking until you are satisfied with your blend.
Transfer to an ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Enjoy!


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